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Date 2002-05-31
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtNightCaster is a third-person role-playing game with a heavy emphasis on action. With amazing magical battles and endless monster generators, NightCaster plays like the love child of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Gauntlet. The malevolent NightCaster has cloaked the world in never-ending night, and monsters stalk the land in increasing numbers. You play as the young boy Arran, who has been chosen by a mysterious orb to stop the encroaching evil. Arran spends the next several years learning magic, and when he returns to his home as a young man, he sees that evil has almost overtaken everything. Now he must use his hard-earned powers to fight back the evil, and put an end to the NightCaster! In NightCaster, monsters are the name of the game--you fight hordes of them to gain new magical spells. There are four schools of magic: water, fire, light, and darkness. You can choose to specialize in one school, which will give you increased attack power in that school. Magic affects the various creatures differently, however, and you learn by trial and error which attacks are the most effective. Throughout the game, you unlock more powerful magic as you complete quests, and your character actually ages as the game progresses! By the end of the game, you are an old--and very powerful--wizard. The coolest thing in NightCaster by far is Arran's magical staff. On its tip sits an orb that's the focus of your magical power. Those familiar with Navi and the Z-Targeting system from Zelda 64 will love this--with your right thumb pad, you can have the orb fly off the staff to scout (and illuminate) areas around you. Unlike with the Z-Targeting system, you can control where the sphere goes at all times. Indispensable in battle, the orb can be used as a target for your magical attacks. This game's good, but it has some flaws. NightCaster gives you the ability to switch between first- and third-person views, but you automatically switch back to third-person when you enter a fight, rendering a first-player perspective useless. Also, while the game's talking tutorial is helpful, the voice sounds like TV psychic Miss Cleo. Initially I found it funny, but over time it had me banging my head against the wall. Lastly, the monster design is lacking--the monsters look like cute little potato bugs, or those snap-together plastic toys toddlers love. The truly scary thing about them is how cuddly evil can appear to be. Bottom line: NightCaster is a fun third-person action-RPG romp, the perfect quick fix for hack 'n' slash cravings. --Bryan Karsh Pros: One kickin' magical staff Character ages throughout game Cons: Tutorial voice from hell
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