Oddworld Munchs Oddysee
Genre Action -> Platform
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Date 2002-03-14
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtPrepare to enter the world of the Gabbit aka: (Munch), in Oddworld Munch Oddysee. If you've played either of the prequels, featuring the infamous Abe then you will be familiar with their breathtaking imagination and innovation. Packed with much of the same and more, Munch is now presented in luxurious 3-D. From the opening sequence showing the distressing capture of the last Gabbit you will be drawn into this visually stunning game. After wiping away the tears prepare to embark on your first adventure. First things first though, indulge yourself with the "Game Speak" not essential but highly amusing all the same. Once mastered you'll begin the game with the original star Abe. As you enter the first cavern you'll be aided by great in-game instructions, so it won't take long to unravel the first few simple levels. Once you've got to grips with the controls you can start to hunt down those lazy Mudokons. Soon the action cuts to Munch, after receiving some minor surgery from his captors he is now equipped with sonar. This new headgear becomes the tool in which he makes his escape, aided by his new friends the Fuzzles. Now he's set to escape the lair of his captors, not forgetting to rescue those cute Fuzzles along the way. After some intense game play the two heroes meet up and become one devastating force working together to find the last batch of Gabbit's eggs. You will need your wits about you to solve puzzles in this dual action adventure. Munch is a joy to watch and play. Complete with laughs gags and outstanding graphics this is one of the most innovative games you are likely to find. So jump in and immerse yourself in this fun-filled Oddysee.--Rob Holliday

- Munch is a Gabbit, a race being used for lung-transplants by the cigar-smoking Glukkons. Abe frees him, and now Abe & Munch are the unlikely saviors of Oddworld
- Munch will spend the first part of the game in a wheelchair, helping Abe solve puzzles and avoid capture by the Mudokons
- He'll do that through a a unique interface that allows him to control machines
- When he's all healed up, Munch will begin breeding & condition creatures in & around the ecosystem to handle certain tasks for him
- Save the Oddworld with the most unusual hero you've ever seen!
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