Phantom Dust
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 11400
Date 2005-03-16
Publisher Majesco
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Phantom Dust Phantom Dust mixes action and strategy in a new kind of fighting game. After the apocalypse, a small group of humans survived underground. When they finally emerged, they found a world where everyone and everything is covered in something called "Phantom Dust". This dust gives people supernatural powers they use for survival. When the undergrounders come to the surface, they're covered in the Phantom Dust and their deadly adventure begins. Xbox Live offers incredible multiplayer games with multiple mission modes

- Earn points by winning battles, then spend them on new skills -- over 300 in all
- Amazing graphics and control combine the look & feel of classic sci-fi and the best anime
- 2-player head-to-head offline play & 4-person offline multiplayer
- 100 single player missions
- Face strange, glowing opponents in weird, post-apocalypse setting that are as dangerous as your enemy
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