Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 2261
Date N/A
Date 2004-10-29
Publisher Evolved Games
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtGet ready for fast, futuristic racing as you strap yourself into a supersonic flying craft and take on the competition in Powerdrome Racing. On the track and through the streets, race against a variety of characters—from spoiled rich kids to decommissioned war droids—each with his or her own personality and racing style. Develop your driving skills, learn new tricks and shave seconds off your best times as your experience evolves. Then challenge your friends to a race in multiplayer mode.

The original Powerdrome for the Amiga and the Atari ST was written by Michael Powell in 1988 and kicked-off the entire future-racing genre. Powell now heads the team developing the new Powerdrome and despairs of the lack of distinctiveness in recent future-racing titles.
Powerdrome's designers have achieved a totally unique format by rigorously applying their focus on delivering a totally compelling driving experience. The team tackled this by not just developing the vehicle handling but on creating unique player-feedback mechanisms.
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