Prisoner of War
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 30901
Date N/A
Publisher Atari
Date 2002-07-19
Publisher Codemasters
On arrival at the prisoner of war camp, circa 1941, you will be introduced to life as a prisoner in Germany, as well as a variety of interesting characters from around the world. Soon you will be devising a cunning escape plan involving the theft of German tools from the German's own living quarters. There are three meticulously modeled, fully 3-D, historically realistic prisoner of war camps, including the infamous Colditz Castle. These camps are rich, detail-packed environments, brought to life with outstanding lighting, weather, and other graphical effects. The immersive game world is made vivid by the artificial intelligence of its population. Sophisticated detection, flocking, socialization, and other artificial life algorithms work together to create a living, breathing world of distinctively characterized inmates and guards. Your character is able to talk to anyone he meets, pick up and drop objects, climb fences and walls, crouch, crawl, mantle along ledges, peek around corners, tap on walls to distract guards, throw stones, use a telescope, and perform a wide variety of special actions with particular objects. An intelligent context-sensitive action button system ensures maximum control intuitiveness at all times. It is possible to replay any completed level and aim to beat recorded escape times in order to earn new abilities.
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