Project Gotham Racing 2
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2003-11-18
Date 2003-11-28
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Retail Box ArtFast circuits and faster cars combine with deep, challenging gameplay to make Microsoft's Project Gotham Racing II one of the most exciting Xbox experiences to date. With over 100 different types of vehicle, including SUVs, compact cars and even Porsches and Ferraris, PGR creates an experience that is both engaging and exciting. It has the spirit of "just one more go" like little else. In offline mode, players compete for Kudos points, taking part in time trials, road races and a variety of high-speed challenges that allow them to unlock new cars and circuits from the many on offer. These unlocked treats can then be played single player or taken online and raced with competitors over the Xbox Live system. It's almost bewildering to race around the tight streets of Italy in a Mini Cooper then take over the wheel of some ludicrously overpowered American muscle car and attempt to keep it in a straight line as the power to the back wheels constantly forces it to fishtail out of control. Full credit must go to programmers Bizarre Creations for not only furnishing the game with a broad range of vehicles but also making each one feel so very different--changing car classes can be quite a challenge. With locations around the world (Australia, Russia, Spain and even Edinburgh featuring strongly), the graphical look of the game is lush and a real treat for the eyes. Birds soar lazily over the racetracks, there's no popup to speak of and in Yokohama even the big wheel in the distant fairground is fully animated--though at the speed this games moves along it's unlikely you'll have time to check it out. Take PGR2 online and the fun really begins--there's simply nothing like blasting through the tyre smoke of a multi-car pile-up and taunting the opposition as you roar into the distance. Pages could be written about how engaging, absorbing, deep and exciting this game is but it's enough to say it's destined to be a massive hit. It's a must for petrol-heads everywhere. --Chris Russell

- Travel around the globe as a member of the international street-racing underground -- the sweetest rides anywhere are here for you
- Earn Kudos to upgrade your driving machine by driving faster than the rest and pulling off insane stunts -- from cornering around the Sears Tower on two wheels, to powersliding through Florence
- Xbox Live support for the ultimate multiplayer racing -- compete against your friends or download ghost cars
- Listen to the hottest DJs in the world as you blast real radio from real stations, from around the world
- Detailed graphics capture the essence of every city -- you'll feel like you're really there, blazing down the streets at 150MPH!
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