Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2005-02-11
Publisher Midway
Date 2004-10-01
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe critically acclaimed Psi-Ops comes to PC in a flurry of telekinetically hurled gas canisters and a hail of bullets. With an incredible and original spin on third-person action, the lead character is armed with a range of physic powers such as pyrokensis, telekensis and mind drain that directly effect the game's environments, enemies or both.

Throw in a range of more conventional but no less deadly weaponry and tactically aware AI routines and you have a very addictive and challenging actioner that really offers the player something new and exciting

Combine powerful physic skills with conventional military hardware to eliminate enemies and solve puzzles in a huge variety of ways
Havok physics engine and detailed visuals make for truly immersive and interactive environments
Fast-paced story with dramatic cut-scenes help create an action-packed gaming experience
Massive list of unlockables and multiple play styles equal plenty of replay value.
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