Rallisport Challenge 2
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Date 2004-05-21
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtRallisport Challenge 2 picks up from where Microsoft's original rally driving sim left off: it's an improvement on its predecessor in every sense. The key to this game's success lies in its diversity. Few racing titles offer as broad a selection of gameplay styles, and even fewer carry them off with such aplomb. Here, straight rally driving lines up alongside rally cross, circuit racing, hill climbing, and even ice racing. Each discipline is unique in its style and feel. All of which serves to provide the player with a huge range of modes to play through--longevity is not an issue. Rallisport Challenge 2 is one of the most comprehensive multi-player Xbox titles. Four payers can race on one system; with more consoles and monitors, up to 16 players can engage in link-up races; and furthermore, the game is designed for multi-player competition on Microsoft's Xbox Live network. Crucially, this impressive set of options is built on a solid foundation: cars handle perfectly as they speed through gorgeous environments. With real cars, and tracks set in every corner of the globe, Rallisport Challenge 2 is quite a treat for petrolheads. --Jonti Davies

- Genre: Driving/Racing
- ESRB: Everyone
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Rallisport Challenge 2 GDC 2004 Movie
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GDC 2004: Rallisport Challenge 2 Movie

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RalliSport Challenge 2 X03 Trailer
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