Red Dead Revolver
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date 2004-06-11
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtIt's an absolute crime that there hasn't been more Wild West-themed video games over the years, but Red Dead Revolver redresses this balance almost instantly with a gloriously authentic spaghetti western feel that'll make the next clichéd fantasy or SF setting you come across even harder to bear. Red Dead Revolver has had an unusual history, starting life as an update of Capcom's old Gun Smoke arcade game before being canned. So confident were the developer's of the game's worth though that they convinced Grand Theft Auto publishers Rockstar to buy up the rights and allow them to finish their work. And thank goodness they did, for not only does the game entirely legitimise the Wild West as a viable setting for a video game, but it's one of the most entertaining arcade shooters of recent years. The controls are just complex enough to allow depth, without becoming fiddly, and allow you to use cover appropriately, and fight hand to hand and with a huge range of different weapons. The best bit though is the bullet time-esque "Dead Eye" mode which allows you to select multiple targets in slow motion and then switch back to normal time and blast everyone away instantly, just like Clint Eastwood. With sections on horseback, a number of missions (perhaps too many) where you control a side character instead of the eponymous Red, and tons of references to classic movie moments this has just about everything you could ask for from a cowboy shooter. --David Jenkins

- As a boy, Red's homesteader family was gunned down by outlaws. Taken in by a wise old Indian, he learns the arts of survival and masters the gun. As an adult, Red goes on out into the world with nothing but the clothes on his back, a six-shooter, and a bur
- Hunt down the savage, ruthless killers who took your home & family, as you explore a 3D Wild West map
- Authentic period weapons to choose from -- from knives and revolvers, to double-barreled shotguns and dynamite sticks
- Ride down those outlaws as you shoot from your horse, fight gun duels on top of moving trains, and command stagecoaches in over a dozen exciting chapters
- Full motion cutscenes and breathtaking in-game visuals tell this classic Spaghetti Western story
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