Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2003-03-28
Publisher TDK
North America Retail Box ArtEarth in the year 2350 bears little resemblance to the world of the past. A massive subterranean earthquake, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis of biblical proportions have ravaged the planet, causing the Greenland ice sheet to melt, radically altering ocean levels around the planet. With most of the world’s economic centers submerged or leveled, the equator now divides 24th-century Earth into the Haves and the Have-Nots. The southern hemisphere continues to prosper under democratic rule, but genocidal battles have fueled the rise of tyrannical despots oppressing and exploiting the ravaged and water-soaked populations to the north. Northern refugees tell tales of three mad overlords brutally beating down resistance, major cities garrisoned, and large armies being mobilized to invade the South. Bizarre stories depict the three warlords as almost supernatural beings wielding immense power with strange giant engines of destruction that emerge from the far northern reaches. Scientific and reconnaissance missions sent north to investigate the developing events vanish without a trace. In response to the looming crisis, the southern government deploys the Argosy, a gigantic super carrier outfitted with a phalanx of SeaBlades: high-performance air-sea rescue vehicles capable of flight and water submersion. The Argosy’s mission includes the rescue of northern populations, engagement of military operations against the three feudal overlords, and scientific investigation of the Bering Strait.

- The SeaBlade Squadron battles warlords to restore peace to a shattered, post-cataclysm earth in 2350 AD
- Single-player mission-based mode, or multi-player split screen modes including Chaos Reigns, Tag and Moving Target
- Begin with one vehicle and unlock the rest as you progress in your mission
- Begin each mission with a detailed briefing on character bios and ships
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