Shrek SuperSlam
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2005-10-25
Publisher Activision
Date 2005-11-18
Publisher Activision
North America Retail Box ArtShrek Superslam is the most twisted fighting game ever! Play as 20 characters from the Shrek universe -- then slam, smash, beat and brawl against them. It's even more fun when you play with your friends!

- Play as 20 characters from the Shrek universe, including Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots, and the villainous Prince Charming
- Run for cover when characters unleash their moves - like Shrek's disgusting Green Storm (better plug your nose!) and Puss in Boots' irresistible Cute Attack
- Use weapons like the Big Fairy Bazooka and the Hammer of Smiting to blast your opponents into oblivion
- Multiplayer action for up to 4 players
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