Soccer Slam
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Date 2002-08-21
Publisher Sega
Date 2002-10-11
Publisher Atari
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtSega Soccer Slam may mention the beautiful game in its title, but you'll not find any competition here for the FIFAs or Pro Evolutions of this world. This is pure arcade football: loud, colourful, completely unrealistic, yet so much fun. Gameplay is simple: 3-a-side fast footie action. You can head, dummy, sliding tackle, shoot, pass and conjure some quite unbelievable super-special shots using button combos and shot gauges. The pace is frenetic, with most games being tense 9-7 affairs. The football action plays really well. The game is similar in style to Virtua Tennis in concept, though a lot less serious. Modes of play are standard: Arcade, Tournament, Quest etc; play out the Quest mode and the similarity to the aforementioned tennis title is clear. You select one of 6 pre-set teams based on continent and elemental power. Fire, water, toxic, spirit, electric and ice form the special powers that each team can unleash on the pitch. Teams are taken on in a round-robin style league with a special challenge offered to you after each match. The challenges are fun and in the style of Virtua Tennis; complete each one and you'll be given cash to spend in the obligatory shop, where you can purchase kit upgrades, new grounds, game artwork and more. Win the leagues and you'll be able to unlock extra hidden teams. Other game modes allow you to create a personalised super team and unlock more characters. The game's graphics are excellent and each player is instantly recognizable with great animations and detail. The stadia are well animated and the sound effects are vibrant. The game oozes Sega quality. All in all, Sega Soccer Slam is ideal for those less serious sessions and for pick-up-and-play gaming. --Laurent S Hall

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