Soldier of Fortune 2
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date N/A
Publisher Activision
Date 2003-06-20
Publisher Activision
United Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtSoldier of Fortune II: Double Helix was a solid first person shooter on the PC so it was just a matter of time before the shooter was ported to the Xbox. The game puts you in the shoes of real-life soldier John Mullins who executes missions for a secretive government agency known as the Shop. Forgettable storylines aside, there is much on offer in the single-player campaign as you find yourself battling your way through a vast number of real-world environments, from the Columbian jungle to storm-battered battleships. SoF2 introduces variety into the gameplay by tempering mindless blasting with some notable set-pieces and a number of levels where a stealthy approach is needed. SoF2 has always attempted to distinguish itself from other first-person-shooters by offering one of the most visceral FPS experiences ever. However, the high body counts cannot detract from the games obvious flaws. The graphical power of the Xbox has been wasted here, character models look worse than the PC version and actually vanish after they are shot. Textures are bland and messy, while the sound is dull and often muffled. Enemy AI is average and groups of enemies all scramble around as individuals as opposed to working to any group dynamic. If you really want a challenge then SoF2 supports up to 12 players via system link on Xbox Live. Despite being a huge single-player game there really isn't much here to elevate SoF2 above the average--this could have been a great chance to rework and improve on what was a great PC game, but it turns out to be a missed opportunity. --Chris Ryan

- A bio-terrorist group has stolen the deadly Gemini Virus, and you must stop them before they unleash it on humanity
- To do that, you'll battle your way through 70 different levels using the deadliest weapons in the world
- Incredibly realized 3D game worlds make you feel like you're really in Colombia, Hong Kong, Prague and other locations
- Special random scenario generator and multiplayer modes like CTF, Infiltration and Elimination keep the action coming at you fast and furious
- Use everything at your disposal, from sub-machine guns to rocket launchers, to eliminate the terrorists in this exciting transcontinental adventure!
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