Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2006-09-05
Publisher Midway
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtSpyHunter: Nowhere to Run takes the Spy Hunter where he's never gone before - on foot. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is Alex Decker, the government's top spy and the man behind the wheel of the Interceptor. The terrorist cabal NOSTRA has returned with a plan to steal the latest government technology -- including the Interceptor itself. It's up to Alex to stop them, using his fighting skills inside and outside his famous vehicle.

- Go beyond the wheel of the Interceptor to face opponents up close and personal for the first time -- using an arsenal of firearms, the latest special ops tools, and brute strength
- Take advantage of The Rock's physical prowess by using melee combat moves such as the body slam, head butt, spinning back fist, and more to overcome enemies
- Use the Interceptor, the most advanced tactical spy vehicle ever created. It will instantly transform into an armored speedboat if a pursuit takes you off land and into waterways, and can also convert into a motorcycle in tight situations.
- Cinematic and scripted events help drive the story and the objectives of the game without pulling you out of the action, heightening the gameplay experience
- Story-driven gameplay holds true to its roots with classic driving levels the SpyHunter franchise is known for
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