Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2006-06-15
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2003-10-31
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtTo obtain the ultimate rush, you'll need to overcome anything the mountain throws your way: fierce lightening storms, breathtaking vertical drops, serpentine slopes, and earth-swallowing avalanches

- Get dropped onto the lower peak of the biggest mountain you've ever seen. You'll seamlessly board from one awesome area to the next-entering competitions, taking on Big Challenges, and discovering hidden collectables. Master the Challenges on all three peaks in your quest to conquer the Mountain? and make it your own.
- Four new rivals join six returning characters. Mac, Elise, Zoe, Moby, Psymon, and Kaori are back, and they're joined by the crazy Swede Viggo, mountain man Nate, 12 year-old phenom Griff, and the talented and sexy Allegra.
- SSX3 boasts amazing graphics that show details like incredibly realistic shadows and snow that sparkles, reflects light, and even blows in the wind.
- There is a collection of new Uber Tricks where users can combo and hold.
- You'll earn medals and trophies to fill up your trophy room & level up your riders' abilities through a deeper attribute system.
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SSX 3 'Pipe 2' Trailer
13.55MB - 39 downloads - 14 July, 2003

SSX 3 Trailer #3, offering 30 seconds of gameplay footage.

play SSX 3 'Pipe 2' Trailer download SSX 3 'Pipe 2' Trailer
SSX 3 'Pipe 1' Trailer
11.66MB - 36 downloads - 14 July, 2003

SSX 3 'Pipe 1' Trailer, offering 30 secs of high-res gameplay footage

play SSX 3 'Pipe 1' Trailer download SSX 3 'Pipe 1' Trailer
SSX 3 E3 2003 Trailer
8.76MB - 324 downloads - 12 June, 2003

SSX 3 E3 2003 Trailer, offering 1min 15secs of gameplay footage.

play SSX 3 E3 2003 Trailer download SSX 3 E3 2003 Trailer