Star Wars Republic Commando
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date 2005-03-01
Date 2005-03-04
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtAlthough there have been plenty of decent Star Wars games in the past, LucasArts have had a lot of trouble producing a top quality game based on the new prequels--but Republic Commando looks like it could change all that. Republic Commando puts you in a four man squad of elite clonetroopers, that act as a sort of SAS version of the standard stormtrooper-alikes seen in Episode II. Itís your job to order the squad about while engaging in a spot of first person shooting action as you go. In other words itís Star Wars does Rainbow Six--the squad-based shooter being just about the only genre of game that hasnít been Star Warsified up until now. Surprisingly things seem to be turning out rather well with some decent graphics and an easy to use, if slightly perfunctory, squad control interface. The game also takes much inspiration from the GameCubeís Metroid Prime with an excellent helmet view that does a lot to immerse you in the game and convince you that you really are the sci-fi version of Andy McNab. Perhaps the only problem evident at this stage is that the battles are noticeably smaller scale than the ones from the movie with rarely more than half a dozen enemies attacking at any one time, rather than the hundreds seen in the film. An online multiplayer mode should help to shore things up somewhat, although the artificial intelligence of the bad guys is good enough to ensure you can still have plenty of fun on your own. --David Jenkins

First opportunity to explore the dark, military side of the Star Wars universe.
Sneak peak at Episode III location and introduction of new Episode III character.
Experience over fifteen massive levels featuring intense missions with hostage rescue, infiltration/data retrieval, assassination, assault, sabotage and reconnaissance assignments.
Choose from a deadly arsenal of twelve new and authentic weapons including the primary Republic Commando firearm, the DC-17m and secondary weapon the DC-15s Blaster Pistol, as well as enemy weapons such as the Trandoshan Slaver Shotgun and Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon.
Explore eight diverse environments including the hostile surface and subterranean setting of the planet Geonosis, the massive machine-like interiors of a Separatist Core Ship, a disabled and overrun Republic Assault Ship and the lower jungles and tree cities of the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk.
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