Stubbs the Zombie
Genre Action -> Fighting
Today's Rank 5796
Date 2005-10-17
Publisher N/A
Date 2006-02-17
Publisher THQ
Stubbs the Zombie Stubbs the Zombie United Kingdom Retail Box ArtStubbs The Zombie lets you become a man whose luck was so bad, dying was the best thing that ever happened to him. In 1933, Edward Stubblefield was a traveling salesman, trying to survive the Great Depression, when he was murdered & buried in a field in Pennsylvania. Fast forward to 1959, when billionaire playboy Andrew Monday builds his own ultramodern city - Punchbowl, where you can "drink your fill of the future". Unfortunately, he built it on the grave of "Stubbs", bringing him back as a angry zombie. Stubbs was a loser all his life, and being a zombie gives him power he never had before. He decides to keep eating brains until the city is his -- unless Andrew Monday can stop him.

- Use your body as a weapon - Exploding gut grenades, toxic zombie spew, severed hands that can crawl through tight spots & possess the living and unholy flatulance are available to you
- Possess unsuspecting humans and use them as weapons
- Zombie strength lets you smash down walls and maul anyone who gets in your way
- Convert Stubbs' enemies into allies, by eating their brains and making them zombies
- Explore & take over Punchbowl, an immersive and futuristic city built with the Halo engine
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Stubbs the Zombie North America Retail Box Art

Stubbs the Zombie United Kingdom Retail Box Art