The Thing
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Date N/A
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North America Retail Box ArtBased on the same elements that made the movie so enjoyable--fear, suspense, and the possibility that your teammate might be infected--The Thing lets players creep into action with the help of several nonplayer characters (NPCs), whom you use to protect and aid your group. Using a core team of engineers, medics, and soldiers, players must manage the level of trust in, and fear of, you that these characters experience. They react to your actions and might betray you if they think you are the Thing. Conversely, you must constantly monitor which one of them might be infected. Other characters must trust you, but if they fear you, actions as drastic as coercion are necessary. For example, if a soldier doesn't have confidence in you, you may have to put your gun to his head to convince him you're not the Thing... and for his sake, he'd better believe.

- Xbox
- Amazing lighting, fire, and weather animations coupled with subtle sound cues mimic real Antarctic conditions, magnifying suspense and terror
- Solve unique puzzles in each environment.
- Blood and violence
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