Toca Race Driver 2
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher Codemasters
Date 2004-04-23
Publisher Codemasters
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe promotional blurb for Codemasters' latest racing game, TOCA Race Driver 2, makes an awful lot out of the in-game cinematics, the wealth of game options and the fancy new damage engine. However, what is also crucial to the game's success is this: TOCA Race Driver 2 plays like a dream. It follows the narrative-based approach of its predecessor, as you become a genuine character in the game. That takes you from the early races where you attempt to make your name, through to the big championships where you then have to prove it. There are plenty of championships to take on, too, and as with the wide selection of vehicles waiting to be driven, these are gradually unlocked as you make progress.Even in single-player mode, though, the races are genuinely immersive and wildly entertaining. Sure, the game punishes your mistakes, but that's as it should be, and it rarely leaves you at the point where you don't want to have another go after a winning position has gone horrendously wrong. Fortunately, the AI of the computer-controlled cars is pretty much spot on too--they make mistakes, they adopt different driving styles, and only on occasions betray their non-human status. Online, the game is even better. Twelve players at a time can compete and it's here where the TOCA Race Driver 2 is at its most exhilarating.And then there are the production values. From the stunningly realised cars and courses, through to the tightly woven voiceovers and gloriously cinema-like action replays, it barely puts a foot wrong. Not only then is the game a joy to play, it's also a joy to look at. The only minor niggle is that those who bought the previous game may have wanted a little bit more from the sequel, but that's not likely to stop them enjoying it. TOCA Race Driver 2 is an action-packed, compulsive and long-lasting racing game that's very unlikely to disappoint. --Simon Brew

- In ToCA, players will race in 31 championships covering 15 different motor racing styles
- Give the wildest new racing styles a try - Ice-racing, street races, oval racing, Rallycross, even Super Truck Racing
- Test yourself against 35 champions, each with their own cars & racing styles
- Experience 50 of the world's toughest tracks, across Europe, Australia and North America
- In Colin McRae you'll drive over 20 vehicles, all designed with exquisite detail -- drive the Mitsubishi EVO 7, Subaru Impreza and Citroen Xsara, alongside classic cars
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