A World of Keflings
Genre Action -> Arcade
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A World of Keflings is the bigger, more complete chronicle of the Kefling world where players can play as their Xbox LIVE avatar and explore and build in the different Kefling lands. Each new kingdom has its own climate and Kefling culture. In addition, each kingdom contains its own unique resources, buildings and tech tree. One of the most asked-for features included in the Keflings sequel is local multiplayer. Players will be able to build an entire world for the Keflings together with their spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, friends or whomever on the same console.
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A World of Keflings The Curse of the Zombiesaurus DLC Trailer (HD)
20.85MB - 36 downloads - 15 October, 2012

Put a horde of spooklings to work gathering bones, brimstone and ectoplasm in this macabre, amusing, night-time, graveyard kingdom! Build an eerie graveyard town for Wilhelm the grave keeper, Count Kefula and the other creepy Kefling residents of this chilling graveyard land. Horrifyingly strange creations await you as you create your spooky kingdom and work out how to deal with the largest, most horrifyingly strange creation of all... the Zombiesaurus.

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A World of Keflings Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice Trailer (HD)
19.3MB - 47 downloads - 29 September, 2012

The chocolate volcano, caramel lake, cotton candy forest and gingerbread Keflings are in danger of being devoured when a sinister wizard and his evil nephew try to snatch control of Candy Peak. Help the Gingerlings of this mountaintop candy kingdom rebuild the sweet, sugary paradise. Harvest candy, bake building pieces and assemble edible buildings to create a beautiful, tasty kingdom. Save the Gingerlings and drive the wizard from their kingdom.

play A World of Keflings Sugar, Spice and Not So N.. download A World of Keflings Sugar, Spice and Not So N..
A World of Keflings Cannon Trailer (HD)
56.21MB - 43 downloads - 20 December, 2010

Designed as an end-game feature, musical cannons give players extended gameplay possibilities once they've completed the game's story and finished building their Kefling kingdoms. Throughout the course of the game players collect gears which they can use to build musical cannons. By the end of the game players can build more than 80 cannons to compose with. Each cannon can be assigned a different voice (instrument) to sound when a Kefling is fired from it. With more than 80 distinct instruments to choose from and a slew of firing effects, the musical possibilities are endless!

play A World of Keflings Cannon Trailer (HD) download A World of Keflings Cannon Trailer (HD)