Band of Bugs
Genre Action -> Tactical
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Date N/A
Date 2007-06-20
“Band of Bugs” is a strategic diversion for fans of tactical game play, while the unique animations and environments in the game make it a fun, approachable title for newcomers as well. “Band of Bugs” is one of few turn-based tactical strategy games available on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Players will enjoy unlimited variety in their game play choices with Xbox LIVE Arcade’s first ever free built-in level editor, which they can use to create custom maps and play with friends over Xbox LIVE.

Choose to play through a story-based campaign, stand-alone missions or skirmishes
o Story-based campaign: Action and adventure in a single-player campaign story. Follow the adventures of young Maal as he leads an elite team of bug warriors to protect the kingdom from evil insect enemies.
o Stand-alone missions: Try your hand at one of these unique single-level scenarios. These short battles include a background story, unique events and custom goals.
o Skirmish: Test your skills on a variety of individual maps, including custom maps designed by the player with the in-game editor. Select a game type (Elimination, Capture, or Escape) and choose to control any party in the battle to demonstrate your superior tactical skill.

Four unique multiplayer modes for up to 4 players either locally or over Xbox LIVE, including:
o Elimination: The first team to lose all the bugs in one party loses the battle
o Capture: Capture (or defend) a strong point
o Escape: Reach an escape point, or stop the enemy from reaching it
o Mission: A unique scenario with custom story, events, and goals

· Challenge friends to Spider Hunter, a more relaxed game that allows up to 8 people to join and leave on the fly!

· Use the games’ built-in level editor to design your own custom scenarios for play against others over Xbox LIVE (a first for an Xbox LIVE Arcade game!)

· Xbox LIVE Vision camera support in all Xbox LIVE multiplayer modes

Mystery leaderboard where players earn points for items they are not told about – Players can check the board and figure out what will help them get to the top of the leaderboard
Earn up to 200 Gamerscore and 12 Achievements
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