Battle for Atlantis
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
We realize that RTS genre is in a deep creative crisis. Too many clones, too few fresh ideas. Battle for Atlantis presents a multitude of new gameplay decisions, furnished with the best features technology can offer and the maximum possible interactivity of the game world.

Unique two-levels game world
Fair terra-morphing
Total interactivity and true physical model of game environment, including resources.
Advanced water physics (including physical waves) and physical model of behavior of solid objects submerged in water.
Forces of nature that may change the entire mission level
Unconditional use of scripts to create the suspension throughout the game.
Giant monsters Dinosaur Riders of Atlantis, who are able to destroy entire Human buildings, Octopuses who attack from underwater, etc.
Highest quality of graphics and special effects, especially for water.
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Screenshots added: 2008-08-08