Blitz: The League
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 7637
Date 2006-11-15
Publisher Midway
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtBlitz: The League makes you feel the aches, the pains, the triumphs of life as a pro football player. You've achieved your dream -- you're playing in The League. Your arms ache from weight-room reps and painkillers are blurring your vision. The dirty hits you've laid on QBs are career-enders but they also keep you employed. Two more sacks and you get your bonus, paying for your fast cars and faster lifestyle. Its 4th and 3 and you are up by 7. Stuff the offense, beat your opponents bloody and win at any cost!

- Gruesome on-field injuries/animations - Bones snapping, skulls crushing and modest amounts of blood resulting
- Blitz - The League explores the on-field fury, off-field problems, and front office politics permeating professional football
- Gget in the zone real-time -- on-field action slows and the players can pull off amazing and game-changing moves
- Intense on-field atmosphere - This game isn't glitzy and glamorous. Leave the boring TV booth behind and get down on the field with revolutionary movie-style presentation
- Head-to-head online play - Players can bash and bleed each other online, complete with headset support on Xbox Live
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