Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 32795
Date N/A
Publisher Running Pixel
Date N/A
Publisher Running Pixel
Running Pixel is proud to announce its second Community Game Bricks4ever. This bricks breaker has 50 levels and 3 game modes: Classic, Zen and 4ever. It is also possible playing with a friend the Classic and Zen matches thanks the Co-op mode.

Our target was giving variety around the 50 levels of Classic Mode by visual and game-play choices.

Zen Mode is designed as a training and relaxing way to play Bricks4ever. Stressless is the keyword for this game mode: few powerups, unlimited lives, and a very-long time limit, as blocks slowly go downwards and eventually disappear at a set point if you didn't destroy them. A final target tests your trained zen attitude of accuracy.

4ever mode enable player to check his ability destroying row after row an endless and randomly generated level.

We had so much fun developing this game, it was like to give arcade world something back. Our hope is that gamers share those feelings.
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