Genre Action -> Adventure
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DeathSpank Co-Op Trailer (HD)
205.16MB - 52 downloads - 1 July, 2010

3:33 of gameplay footage

play DeathSpank Co-Op Trailer (HD) download DeathSpank Co-Op Trailer (HD)
DeathSpank Hero Trailer (HD)
77.52MB - 50 downloads - 1 July, 2010

1:18 of in-game footage

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DeathSpank Story Trailer (HD)
84.97MB - 80 downloads - 25 May, 2010

Play the role DeathSpank, the Hero to the Downtrodden, a Vanquisher of Evil and Defender of Justice as he fulfills his life-long destiny and searches for a mysterious and magical item only known as "The Artifact". Along the way he'll rescue a few Orphans, defeat a local tyrant and tumble headlong into an even deeper mystery in an epic action-RPG game that includes collecting loot, crazy puzzle solving, witty dialogue, collecting loot, over-the-top animations, fun, accessible action combat, and of course, collecting loot.

play DeathSpank Story Trailer (HD) download DeathSpank Story Trailer (HD)