Dust Devils
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
Publisher Ouch Games
Date N/A
Publisher Ouch Games
Mankind was on the brink of destruction and had exhausted Earth from all its natural resources. A space exploration team then discovered that our neighbor planet Mars has a crystal that we could harvest energy from. Our last hope was to excavate those crystals. One year later the largest space launch in human history where launched to secure our future existence.
We thought we were ready for Mars, the thin atmosphere, the temperature and the tough environment, but nothing could have prepared us from what was coming. Will humanity be saved or forever perish in history? Only you can decide!

Collect and harvest the crystals to gain points and buy upgrades.
Upgrade your ship with many different weapons such as laser, flamethrower and grenade-launcher.
Stunning visual effects.
Fast-paced shooter.
Base turret defense will help you to keep the hordes at bay.
20 different challenges to complete.
Defend your base against hordes of vicious Marsís creatures.
The battle continues through day and night. Are you afraid of the dark?
Enormous dust devils leave mayhem and destruction on their way.
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