Indianapolis 500 Evolution
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 20398
Date 2010-09-22
Publisher Zushi Games
Date 2010-02-19
Publisher Destineer
You are the engineer of your racing destiny during the birth of modern racing. Reign supreme by pushing the bounderies of safety, reflexes and strategy in your experimental vehicle as you race against the biggest names in racing and up to 32 of your friends, at the Indianapolis 500, Milwaukee Mile, Trenton, Riverside, Hanford and Langhorne Speedway.

Build your own 1960's Indy Race Car. Engineer your own Indy car by custom crafting 1960s race machines, including engines, chassis, suspension, wheels, brakes, weight distribution, appearance, and more.
Maneuver through a moving minefield of crashes, cars and debris as you try to survive the greatest spectacle in racing.
In Indianapolis 500 Evolution you test technology and push racing forward. Build and tweak your own custom racer for a one-of-a-kind vehicle that suits your racing style.
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