Infinite Undiscovery
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date 2008-09-04
Date 2008-09-05
NFINITE UNDISCOVERY envelops players in a lush real-time world where any decision can unveil a myriad of discoveries and affect every encounter. The team that created a new standard for RPGs by seamlessly transitioning from battle to field in the STAR OCEAN series now creates a new benchmark for the genre, perfectly marrying traditional tri-Ace elements with the technological possibilities discovered on the Xbox 360. The experience is enhanced with a soundtrack by composer Motoi Sakuraba from the STAR OCEAN and VALKYRIE PROFILE series.

Epic new action adventure RPG gameplay, from tri-Ace the creators of the STAR OCEAN and VALKYRIE PROFILE series.
Seamless Real-Time Action with no separate battlefields from the main gameplay environment. Constant discoveries will trigger unique and amazing action sequences.
Unique situation battles – escape from giant ogres, flee from massive dragon flame attacks and even fight while a tsunami approaches!
Command a party of four in real-time to maximise your chances for success
Stunning cinematic visuals bring a richly detailed world fully to life.
Immersive, orchestral quality soundtrack from the composer of STAR OCEAN and VALKYRIE PROFILE.
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