Invasion Defender
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Publisher ZiCorp Studios
Date 2010-02-02
Publisher ZiCorp Studios
Invasion Defender is a game based on the classic and popular ‘Tower Defense’ concept. It brings two new features to the genre including enemies that attack back, adding to the overall challenge, as well as intelligent AI who will search out for the safest route from A to B, increasing the need for tactical planning.Addictive, colorful and challenging Invasion Defender will provide many hours of fun that will challenge both experienced tower defense players and new-comers to the genre.

• Battle your way through over 50 waves of enemies in 3 unique locations as you fight to prevent the invasion force from taking over.

• Bolster your defenses using a range of upgradable turrets and walls.

• Intelligent AI will find not only the quickest but also the safest route through your defenses making strategy even more important.

• The enemies fight back adding another element of difficulty as you fight to keep the lines secure.

• Gain "Lifetime Score" to unlock new locations and weapons, including the devastating tactical nuke super weapon.

• 36 special medals to be achieved for completing various challenges.
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