NBA Unrivaled
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 28615
Date N/A
Publisher Tecmo
Date N/A
Publisher Tecmo
From expressive cut scenes to exaggerated slams, the game will be reminiscent of arcade basketball favorites. At this time, no such game exists in the digital download realm.

° Choose your favorite team: Boasting all 30 NBA teams and the top players from the latest 2009-2010 Rosters, you can choose your team to compete in full 5-on-5 team arcade-style gameplay.
° Multiplayer: Grab a friend to play in online or offline multiplayer mode: Player vs. Player, or 2 Players vs. CPU.
° Momentum Mania! As players play for points, they will also play to fill up their Momentum Gauge. Once the Momentum Gauge is maxed out, the team goes into Momentum Mania, which boosts offensive and defensive abilities, allowing for flashier, bigger plays.
° Style: Experience electrifying effects, outrageous dunks, and fast paced action where no other basketball game has gone before!
° Unlockables: Unlock jerseys from today’s favorites to yesterday’s throwback classics.
° HD Play: For in your FACE action, both Xbox LIVE Arcade and PSN platforms have a supported screen resolution of 1080p.
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