Pat & Mat!
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date N/A
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North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtPlayer, taking control of Pat and Mat characters, solves various tasks in the game. The very basic controls are similar to strategy or adventure (“point-and-click”) games. Click on the hammer on the table and character will pick it up, click on the door, someone will open it (or tell you that you need the key first).

World-wide known brand. (Pat and Mat are well known in many countries all over the world. Game doesn’t just “use” the name – it really simulates the popular TV series on your PC.)
The very same Pat and Mat you know from your TV. (3D reconstruction of both puppets. The game looks just like the TV series)
Humor for everyone. (Funny animations, funny situations, funny actions all the time.)
Untypical problem solving. (Creating “the incredible machine” etc.)
Huge amount of “mini-games” and “micro-games”.
Wide audience. (Everyone likes Pat & Mat – and everyone should like the game. It is for children – and their parents. Casual players will like the humor and easy-to-use controls, gamers will enjoy original approaches and non-typical puzzle solving.)
The game can be expanded easily. (With a “pilot game” done we’re going to have a database of animations, environments, objects and game principles. With these we can easily create new “episodes” that can be sold as expansion packs or simple “add-ons” over the internet.)
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