Pixel Blocked!
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Pixel Blocked! In-Game Tutorial Trailer (HD)
64.24MB - 27 downloads - 29 July, 2011

Here is a step-by-step tutorial video that serves not only to teach you how to play Pixel Blocked!, but it will also introduce you to the game controls, as well as the 3 types of blocks you will encounter.

play Pixel Blocked! In-Game Tutorial Trailer (HD) download Pixel Blocked! In-Game Tutorial Trailer (HD)
Pixel Blocked! Debut Trailer (HD)
47.66MB - 30 downloads - 29 July, 2011

The idea of the game is to formulate 8-bit-esque pixel images by logically and visually placing blocks around an initial foundation of the puzzle. The goal is to fill in all the empty blocks by rotating the puzzle, planning ahead and thinking about the effects of the three different types of foundation blocks: Perma Blocks, Magnetic Blocks and Crumble Blocks.

play Pixel Blocked! Debut Trailer (HD) download Pixel Blocked! Debut Trailer (HD)