Pool Nation
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Pool Nation 5 Things You Need to Know Trailer (HD)
32.91MB - 45 downloads - 23 November, 2012

Available on Xbox LIVE Arcade for just 800 MP, Pool Nation is the ultimate Pool simulator. Here are 5 features we know you'll love: 1) EVERY match you play can be saved. Slow down, pause or rewind time using full analogue control to view the action from every angle. 2) The cushions on every table in Pool Nation deform realistically with never-before-seen cloth physics. 3) Even the chalk dust is modelled accurately, with thousands of particles creating the perfect wake of dust for your perfect shot. 4) In tour mode you can use "Flashback" to retake shots that you'd rather forget! Get it right this time! 5) The physics engine of Pool Nation allows full trick-shot mastery, including daring chips and precarious pots.

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Pool Nation Announcement Trailer (HD)
21.99MB - 61 downloads - 23 October, 2012

Pool Nation is the ultimate pixel-perfect pool game for Xbox 360, featuring photo-realistic graphics, real-world physics, and a wealth of game modes and rule sets. The first title from CherryPop Games, Pool Nation also sports twelve gloriously detailed location variants with uniquely designed tables, and a wealth of features - from both online tournaments and offline career modes, to an impressively shiny wad of unlockable extras, such as ball sets, table decals and cues. Pool Nation is coming to Xbox LIVE on October 31st.

play Pool Nation Announcement Trailer (HD) download Pool Nation Announcement Trailer (HD)