Raiden Fighter Aces
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date 2009-05-14
Publisher Valcon Games
Date 2009-05-14
Publisher Valcon Games
All three extremely popular coin-op Raiden Fighter games can now be found on one disc in this faithfully recreated ultimate collection.In addition to the nonstop action, Valcon Games has added new features, such as a new training mode that lets players modify every aspect of their ships and wingmen; skip to any level; or play in slow motion. Comprehensive screen and control settings let gamers play each game full-screen as a side-scroller, or even vertically on a rotated 4:3 display.


 All three Raiden Fighters games on one disc

 Training mode, with slow-motion, level selection, and ship configuration

 Leaderboards and gameclips for online and offline play

 Two-player cooperative offline play

 Standard vertical scrolling, full-screen side-scrolling, or full-screen vertical scrolling on a rotated display

 Visual filters to simulate classic display-types, or change the feel of the game
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