Scourge: Outbreak
Genre Action -> Action
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Scourge: Outbreak Co-Op Trailer (HD)
146.1MB - 52 downloads - 3 July, 2013

The entire campaign supports up to four-player co-op, with full jump-in/jump-out support, squad AI to fill in empty slots and in-game voice chat for effective tactical co-ordination. Co-op matchmaking makes it quick and easy to find a game, or let other players find you. Special abilities play an important role in co-op, with features from the unique Static Shield providing defensive tactical options, and the Dynamic Shockwave enabling players to combine their powers offensively. Scourge: Outbreak features four XP categories with ten ranks to level up. In the co-op category, players gain XP by intercepting enemies attacking your allies, or reviving fallen team-mates on the field. Increasing your co-op rank unlocks useful gameplay perks such as shared radar vision, faster revives and longer bleed-out times. All of the co-op perks help your squad survive longer and make you more effective in combat.

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Scourge: Outbreak - Meet the Echo Squad - SHADE Trailer (HD)
29.38MB - 67 downloads - 29 June, 2013

An Argentinian hit-man with a mysterious past, not much is known about Ramiro "Shade" Cortez. After years of searching, rumors have surfaced that his long-time kidnapped sister is still alive and under Nogari control. Dismissive of payment when offered to join Echo Squad, his only concern is the Nogari Corporation's destruction-and fast. With "the only good Nogari soldier is a dead Nogari soldier" mentality, Shade will take no prisoners in his path for revenge. As Shade has no recorded military training and refuses to divulge personal information, it's unknown where he acquired his expertise. However, Shade's honed assassin skills have proven useful to Echo Squad operations on countless occasions. Not only is his accuracy unmatched in Echo Squad's ranks, he has the quickest aim and weapon switching for deadly fast precision. Furthermore, Shade can sprint longer than the others, and recharge his stamina faster. When Shade's skills are combined with his Ambrosia Suit abilities, Shade is nearly unstoppable. His Static Shield remains stationary when deployed, allowing Shade to execute long-range shots from safety with supreme accuracy. Foes attempting to close distance with Shade are easily stopped with his Dynamic Shockwave - it's perfect for intercepting charging enemies before they can get close.

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Scourge: Outbreak - Meet the Echo Squad - STONEWALL Trailer (HD)
33.27MB - 48 downloads - 22 June, 2013

Victor "Stonewall" Dantrix - He's a 6th generation Army Officer, so duty is in his blood. Apparently he's so by-the-book that he pisses people off, but he doesn't care. 100% mission orientated. Enlisted in US Army at 17 in 2010. Active duty from 2010 to 2015 serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Graduated Ranger School 2015 and then served with 3rd Ranger Battalion until the incident in Catamarca in 2020.

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Scourge: Outbreak Xbox 360 Trailer (HD)
68.66MB - 59 downloads - 22 May, 2013

A raw and gritty, futuristic squad-based third-person shooter (TPS) built with Unreal Engine 3, Scourge: Outbreak pits the veteran mercenaries of Echo Squad, against their sworn enemies, the Nogari Corporation, in a desperate mission to rescue a double agent hidden behind enemy lines and to recover a mysterious meteorite fragment from Nogari's possession. Convinced that Nogari's 'Ambrosia Fuel Technology' is connected with deadly plagues that threaten to ravage the world, this may be Echo Squad's last and only shot at bringing the Nogari threat to its knees once and for all.

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Scourge: Outbreak Trailer (HD)
110.37MB - 64 downloads - 19 July, 2012

In the game, players will face a seemingly insurmountable foe in the alien-infested facilities and military on Nogari Island. In order to survive, they must secure their own double agent who's infiltrated the Corporation and then recover a meteorite fragment that Nogari has used to develop a powerful new energy source, Ambrosia which has given them global control. In order to succeed in the mission and save the world, players will need to utilise all their skill, firepower and certainly their teammates to the fullest.

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