Sector 7-4-9er
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date 2013-06-22
Publisher N/A
Date 2013-06-22
Publisher N/A
Sector 7-4-9er is an open-ended action-strategy game by Canadian indie developer Casey Sillito. Dig your way through massive, dynamically generated asteroids full of valuable minerals. Discover ancient alien technology that will help you navigate increasingly hazardous environments filled with strange new lifeforms.

- 2 kinds of ships to accommodate both casual and skilled gamers
- variable difficulty setting
- in-game tutorial messages
- polished HD graphics in the style of silver-age comic books
- 13 different kinds of aliens and hazards, both dangerous and helpful (sometimes both)
- 8 collectible upgrades
- tense, strategic risk vs. reward gameplay; play it safe or press your luck for a bigger payoff
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