The Splatters
Genre Action -> Arcade
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The Splatters Launch Trailer (HD)
28.27MB - 38 downloads - 29 March, 2012

The Splatters are acrobatic masters with a unique death wish - to blow themselves up with style! In this award winning action-puzzler, you will unlock and master a variety of stunts and perform spectacular moves to clear out each stage in the most show-stopping way possible. With its fast-paced, splattery liquid physics engine you'll never play the same way twice. And using Splatter TV, an in-game feature for sharing game clips, you'll pick up a ton of new moves as you watch the world's top players perform their jaw-dropping combos. It's a messy, vibrant show of skill and splattery destruction. Life's short. DIE WITH STYLE.

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The Splatters Spring 2012 Teaser Trailer (HD)
18.44MB - 36 downloads - 21 February, 2012

The Splatters are coming to XBLA this Spring and here's a look at the only game on Xbox that encourages you to die with style. Take yourself out and perform the most amazing stunts to earn huge scores in this innovative puzzle game that will keep you coming back for more.

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The Splatters Flip Trailer (HD)
15MB - 38 downloads - 8 February, 2012

Flip lets you reverse the direction of everything that happens on stage but it immediately resumes normal physics gameplay after. This gives the player huge amount of control over the splatters, bombs, stunts and liquid in the level. Flip is unlimited in the game (once you unlock it) and it's easy to understand and master.

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The Splatters Trailer (HD)
22.9MB - 35 downloads - 10 August, 2011

The Splatters are a bunch of ever-smiling, semi-suicidal master acrobats with one purpose in life: to blow themselves up. Slam them against walls, crash them into spikes, ride the slides, and chain spectacular stunt-combos to rack up massive scores. Get creative to make the most out of every setting and put on the best show in town. Unleash 15 distinct talents and over 60 action-packed puzzles with stunning HD visuals in a one-of-a-kind physics-based universe. Once you've honed your skills, challenge your friends in a game that redefines the term "replay value."

play The Splatters Trailer (HD) download The Splatters Trailer (HD)