Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 7351
Date 2007-03-03
Publisher Atari
Date 2007-02-01
Publisher Atari
TimeShift TimeShift United Kingdom Retail Box ArtTimeShift transports gamers to a strange yet familiar world -- where individual rights have been eradicated and a tyrannical leader rules ruthlessly with an iron fist. You are retired test pilot Colonel Michael Swift, who has just lost his only daughter to a Bus accident. Armed with a time-control device called the Quantum Suit and a time machine called the Chronomicon, Swift sets out to test the most significant inventions of the century. Upon his return, time has changed -- and Swift is now a man on the run. His new mission: To set time right again. Online multiplayer action for up to 16 players -- use time based weaponry against other human adversaries.

Time control elements never before seen in a first person shooter - players can slow, stop and rewind time affecting the world and enemies around them while moving freely through frozen worlds
Time shifting obstacles will challenge the players to think in four dimensions to solve problems and defeat difficult enemies
Next generation graphics technology in the Saber3D engine, including normal mapping for amazing high detailed textures and characters as well as parallax lighting, which allows the environment to come alive with detail
Deep storyline involving time travel and betrayal, featuring an alternate time stream filled with alternate technology
A wide array of unique weapons from an alternate timeline, plasma guns, hybrid grenades, full action pistols and the dreaded "Swarm Cannon"
More than 35 combat missions, each one featuring time shifting elements and challenges standing in the way of completion
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TimeShift North America Retail Box Art

TimeShift United Kingdom Retail Box Art