Vigilante 8: Arcade
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 13834
Date N/A
Publisher Activision
Date N/A
Publisher Activision
Vigilante 8: Arcade is a brand new re-imagining of the original themes and gameplay, engineered from the ground up for today’s hardware by the original founders of Luxoflux and V8 developers. Could things get any better?Absolutely, because quite soon, the magic of V8 car-combat will be available to millions of Xbox Live Arcade users via digital download, presented in cutting edge audio-visual splendor, and… at quite an affordable price, too.In addition to local split-screen mode, multiple players will be able take their car-crushing skills online, competing and/or teaming up with other V8 players the world over.

Five newly designed, highly interactive arenas, using Bezier patch technology for maximum surface smoothness!
Eight gorgeous, highly varied ‘70s vehicles, rendered using advanced metallic shaders at 10,000+ polygons each
Classic V8 character personas and unique special weapons
Six standard weapon pick-ups with three advanced attacks each, featuring both ‘classic’ (combo) and ‘casual’ (charge-up) input methods
Multiple collectible power-ups and ‘salvage points’
User-customizable car paint color
Advanced car physics for hyper-semi-realism and ultra high replay value — easy to pick up, difficult to master!
Spectacular pyrotechnic, destruction effects, and physics-driven interactive hazards
Single player modes against advanced bot AI
Local split-screen modes up to four players
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